Develop your ideal self with us…

With a busy hectic schedule, we understand that working on self and developing a perfect body, mind and soul becomes almost next to impossible! We totally get that! And, therefore we have come up with a beautiful complete wellness package that looks after all your requirements, right from developing soft skills to strengthening your body. All you need is a little push and some guidance, and we are here for that.

At CVM institute, our aim is to help people from all the walks of life achieve their ideal body, mind set and soul development. With a set of different activities every day, we help you to achieve your ideal self in a funfilled and positive environment.

Charmi vyas mehta

Meet Our Instructor

An endeavoring warrior herself, Charmi Vyas Mehta is the Founder, CEO and chief Instructor of CVM Institute. Despite adverse situations, Charmi has always worked hard to find her way out and it is this experience that she keeps sharing in different forms.

Her mastery lies over varying different fields like Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Counseling,  Personal Development and Fitness training.

Our Services

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A good mental health is the key to happy life and at CVM we help every individual have a healthy and happy life.

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Learn different dance styles and enjoy the therapeutic aspect of dance only with us.

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Weight loss

Losing weight can never be more easy and fun filled than it is with us. Also get diet tips from expert.

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Go a step closer to knowing yourself and developing a close relationship with your own self through meditation.

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Improve your balance, flexibility, concentration and immunity with our personally designed yoga program.

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Wellness Program

Our set of mental and physical training activities promote an overall well being and good health.

What will you get?

A personalized session with our expert instructor Charmi.

One on one counseling sessions.

Increased productivity and reduced stress.

Customized development plan based on your requirements.

Promote mental and physical wellbeing.

Promote healthier relations with self and others.


I was very unhappy with everything, the greatest thing I achieved was happiness. I learnt to be happy from Charmi.
Uday Bane
Production Head
My wife was struggling with her self identity crisis, after working with Charmi mam, I see a lot of improvement in her. I highly recommend her.
Dev Nai
graphic Designer
The best teacher and guide. I just love attending her sessions. Thank you madam.
Hani Pandya
Copy Writer
I have become very healthy and happy, my skin and hair have also become very good after joining the complete wellness program.
Sonal Pendhari
I will just say join CVM institute and experience excellence.
Jane Wilcox
Lady Sadhguru, these are the only words for charmi mam. Join her to know why she is called Lady Sadguru.
Dan Ellis